Client Testimonials

Karen Bradley is an extremely gifted illustrator whose anatomical art work is exceptional and has been verified by medical doctors as accurate and reliable.  In addition Karen has also assisted us with trial preparation of slides and demonstrative exhibits to aid the jury in following complex fact patterns.   She has always been prompt and professional in every respect, and has been a pleasure to work with over the years. Should anyone wish to discuss Karen’s work they may feel free to contact me at their convenience.

R. Clay Ratterree
Ellis, Painter, Ratterree & Adams LLP

I retained Karen to assist me in a property dispute case. The issue in the cae was  complicated and very dry to say the list. Karen and I working together were able to distill this complicated case into one exhibit that had a lot of “pop” to it. Using that exhibit allowed me to explain our side of the case in straight forward, uncomplicated terms  which I know contributed to the jury finding in my client’s favor. One of Karen’s better skills is the ability to take my sometimes inarticulate “wish” for an exhibit ( such as ” I want an exhibit which shows my side of the case” ) and putting it in concrete terms “exactly” as I wanted it if I had only been able to express exactly what I wanted.

George L. Lewis
Lewis Law


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